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Many of know loved ones who have physical or developmental disabilities who cannot function in our society without someone to assist them in meeting their physical needs and/or manage their finances.

While this person is a child under the age of 18, in most of the time, parents or other family members assist the person with their physical and financial needs.  However, as the child ages to and beyond the age of majority, he or she may still be dependent on the parent or other person for their physical needs and financial needs.  In such cases, it may be necessary to seek a legal decree from the Superior Court appointing a guardian.

Once appointed by the Court, a guardian has the responsibility to manage the incapacitated person's finances and/or physical well being or both.  This guardian must give regular accountings of the person's financial resources and an report on the person's well being (which includes medical, social, and emotional needs). 

The role of guardian can be a very overwhelming and others can be appointed as stand by guardians and there are other community resources which help you as you fulfill your responsibilities to your ward.   At Rossback Law Firm we will do our best to help full find the resources necessary for you to be a successful guardian for those you for whom you care.

criminal Law violations

Rossback Law is happy to help with your defense if you are accused of a crime.  Rossback Law does assist in defending those accused of a misdemeanor (where the maximum jail time is 364 days or less) along with a few select felonies.  

Rossback Law Firm regularly assist in defending those accused of DUI, DWLS (Driving While License Suspended), 3rd Degree Theft, 4th Degree Assault, Domestic Violence, and other low level criminal offenses.   

If you are accused of a crime, you have the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney.  Please come see us, so that your constitutional rights can be protected.  While we cannot make any guarantee on the outcome of your case.  We can defend your case at trial, and if you want to make a plea bargain, we can help you negotiate with the prosecuting attorney to resolve your case. 

You should have an experienced and competent attorney by your side in any criminal court case. 


Immigration law is a large and complex area of law that is constantly changing, and also an area of law where competent help is essential.

Here at Rossback Law, we assist persons in many type of immigration law matters.

We represent people before the immigration courts, whom the government is seeking to deport and/or remove from the country. 

We also help individuals who are seeking to bring their loved ones from abroad to reside here in the United States.  Typically we in this cases, where possible, we assist people in obtaining their permanent resident cards (aka green cards) and work permits.  As occasion permits we also help qualified individuals apply for U.S. citizenship.


Wills & Probate

 It is said that two things are certain in life, death and taxes.  As we will all eventually die, it is best to be prepared for when that time comes. 

One way to do that is to have a will.  A will provides for the distribution of your property when you die and may also be used to set up a trust for your children and/or grandchildren.  If you do not create a will while you are alive, your family will divide up your client in accordance with state law, which may contradict your wishes. 

Along with preparing wills, our office also assists people in preparing other documents such as a power of attorney or health care directive.

Finally, probates are generally required by law after a person has died in orer to transfer title  to the deceased's property unless they had so little property that their property may be distributed under a state law as a "small estate."  If the deceased owned real estate prior to his or her death.  The a probate is required.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is a bankruptcy repayment plan or "individual reorganization." In this type of bankruptcy an individual proposes a bankruptcy repayment plan, and also has a portion of their wages or business income sent to a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Trustee. The chapter 13 trustee will then pay creditors in accordance with the terms of the plan.  After the plan is done, the bankruptcy court will generally discharge all remaining debts.

People typically will choose to file a chapter 13 bankruptcy because they want to permanently stop a foreclosure on their house or prevent the repossession of their vehicle. They may also file a chapter 13 bankruptcy because they make too much money to file a chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is for people only, business cannot file for chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Because chapter 13 bankruptcies are can be complicated having experience bankruptcy attorneys on your side can help you succeed.  Call our chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer today.  

A chapter 13 bankruptcy plan generally last at least 3 years, but may not continue for longer than 5 years.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Rossback Law firm, bankruptcy attorneys has been providing bankruptcy services in Tacoma and Western Washington for nearly a quarter century.  Let our experience work for you.

A chapter 7 bankruptcy is often called the "straight bankruptcy" because most of the time a person can eliminate his or her debt and retain most, if not all of their property.

However, chapter 7 is a liquidation style of bankruptcy where non-exempt assets are sold by a trustee to pay as much of your debts as possible.  In our experience, the vast majority of our clients' property is fully exempt and cannot be sold by a bankruptcy trustee in Chapter 7.

Both individuals and business can file for chapter 7 bankruptcy, although there are slightly different rules for business and individual bankruptcies.

Although a chapter 7 bankruptcy be a "simple" bankruptcy, an experienced bankruptcy lawyer can help.

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